365 Acres in Osceola County

365 Acres in Osceola County

1 bed 1 bath 365 sq ft Built in 2017 Vacant Land
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10 /20
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Heavy Light
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Here is a rare and unique opportunity for a savvy investor to acquire over 365 acres in one of Central Florida's premium counties. The deal is essentially a land deal but a revenue-producing land deal. It is currently an operating sod farm consisting of 6 parcels located in 2 large areas. The larger northern area is 4 parcels totaling 291.25 acres. The southern area is 2 parcels totaling 73.69 acres. The combined total is 365 acres and both areas have a total of 5000 feet of road frontage.  The northern section is fully irrigated and grows floratam sod.  The southern section grows Bahia.  Currently, the farm does not operate at its maximum potential. Only 230 acres produce but 70 acres more could produce. Each producing acre grows 85 pallets worth of sod that sell for $90 each. Currently, there are approximately 75–100 acres worth of sod to be harvested. The sod farm has not been operated at peak capacity in the last year.  It operated at 125 acres producing and at a cap rate of 14.  If the farm were operated at 300 acre full capacity the pro forma cap rate would be in excess of 30.  Each acre costs $2500 to produce and yields a net profit of $5150 per acre.  

The deal does include the land, the irrigation equipment, and a 6600 sq ft. equipment building/workshop that has a 770 sq ft. apartment in it. Irrigation equipment includes Zimmatic pivots and 3 phase 50 HP Cornell Pump all less than 3 years old.

This deal offers options for an investor. As a land deal, it offers 365 acres of cleared land that could be developed. It also offers revenue production as an operating sod farm or leasing to a sod-growing company.  As Osceola County continues to develop, land value will continue to increase and land that can produce revenue while it appreciates could be quite lucrative for an investor. Contact your EquityPro advisor today to check out the details of this property while it is still available. 

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We recommend rent
Rental Income
$191,250 mo. / $2,295,000 yr.
Investor Price
Property Insurance
$10,000 / yr.
Estimated Taxes
$2,616 / yr.
Property Management
$750,000 / yr.
HOA Dues
$0 / yr.
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