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14.1% Estimated APY
$45,900 Investor Price
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Highland County Duplex Rental

3 bed / 2 bath922 sq ft Built in 1926Duplex
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819 S Eucalyptus St, Sebring, FL 33870
Occupancy Status
Low High
Level of Rehab
Heavy Light
Location of Neighborhood
Far Close
Quality of Floor Plan
Choppy Flowing
School Rating
Placement in Neighborhood
Busy Calm
Property Details

Take a look at this beautiful, historical style Duplex in Sebring, FL. This property is currently vacant, and has been well maintained by the previous owners. The downstairs unit has 2 bedrooms / 1 bath. Upstairs unit has 1 bedroom / 1 bath. Both units are metered separately for electric, but not water. Average monthly water is $80. Rent can be increased above pro-forma to compensate for this expense if desired. Great rental area that will generate over 11% APY.

Investors will see property value increases over the years as this property is located in the CRA District (Community Redevelopment Agency). This agency, with an $18.4 million budget over 20 major projects, is heavily invested in bringing about economic revitalization in the Downtown Sebring area. This area will be growing fast so don't miss out on this multi-family opportunity. Contact your EquityPro Advisor for more information.

We recommend rent
Rental Income
$1,000 mo. / $12,000 yr.
Investor Price
Closing Costs to Buy
Rehab Projection
Property Insurance
$1,500 / yr.
Estimated Taxes
$996 / yr.
Property Management
$1,200 / yr.
$500 / yr.
HOA Dues
$0 / yr.
Projected Income
Estimated APY
After Repair Value
Investor Price
Closing Costs to Buy
Rehab Projection
Closing Costs to Sell
Listing Agent Commission
Total Projected Profit
Estimated ROI
Rent Rehab Details
Kitchen cabinets
Light fixtures/Outlets
Replace fans and attached light fixtures.
Interior paint
Budget for other small miscellaneous updates and touch up work
Laminate flooring
Kitchen appliances
Second floor unit needs a Fridge and stove unit. First floor unit currently has a stove and fridge, however may be beneficial to replace. Both units share a laundry room and will need both a washer and a dryer
Bathroom vanity
Bathroom vanity and countertop replacements